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Jacktown Antique Engine Show (Bangor, Pa). Oct 16 & 17

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The Fall show is Saturday and Sunday October 16 & 17 in Bangor, Pa

They have a little bit of everything including model engines.   Iíll be there Saturday and possibly Sunday.  I usually set up my engines around noon in the pavilion by the entrance.  There is also a  group of modelers that set up near the train.

Here is a link to the website that includes a flyer for the show.


Dave Otto:
Hope you have a great show Bob.


Looks like a great show - hope you have a great time!

Sounds like a fun time!  Be sure to take pics to share with those of us who can't make it  :)

Despite a questionable weather forecast, I plan to attend tomorrow.  I will likely also attend Sunday.



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