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Yesterday my wife and I went to the CSRG (Classic Sports Racing Group) Fall vintage races at Sears Point. Not exactly an engine show, but I thought I'd post up some of the engine pictures I took while wandering the paddock. No 917s or Grand Prix Mercedes this time, nor any Maseratis, Astons, Bugattis, Ferraris or other exotica. Still some good stuff though, and we had fun. Enjoy!

Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Alfa Romeo “Twin Spark”. The ultimate development of the Giulietta engine. This one in a Tubolare Zagato

Coventry Climax 1100cc SOHC. This one is in an Elva Mk6 sports racer.

Panhard flat twin, probably 750cc.

Austin  A Series, mounted in a Huffaker/BMC MK1 Formula Jr.

Chevrolet 302cid (5L), in a Lola F5000 (for sale for $120,000).

Ford “Kent” cross flow, with Lotus/Holbay head, followed by same with a Cosworth head. F3 Brabham and Lotus respectively.

Lotus/Ford TwinCam, and Lotus/Ford TwinCam tuned by BRM.

Eventually the Lotus TwinCams were superseded by the Cosworth BD series. This one is in an ex-Tom Gloy Formula Atlantic. These engines led directly to the famous 3L Cosworth DFV V8.

And one car pic. This one's for SteamGuyWhilly!

Engine porn! 

Hello Ron ,

Thanks for sharing those engine photos. It's was a trip down memory lane. I cut my teeth on some of those engines.

Sears Point?? isn't that also known a Sonoma Raceway?



--- Quote ---Sears Point?? isn't that also known a Sonoma Raceway?
--- End quote ---
Hi Mike. Yes, Sonoma Raceway is it's current official name. It's original name was Sears Point International Raceway. For those of us who've known it from the beginning (I and my brothers attended the second event held there, July 1969, when I was not yet 11), and most of the local racers, it has always been just Sears Point.


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