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Hi from Shropshire UK


Hi My name is Steve I live in a small village in north shropshire

I Have been into models of various types for many years from helicopters in 70s boats, drones, cars, Many years ago I made a sealion 4 cylinder
as a retirement project i have bought my self a set of Black widow V8 castings, and a 1934 1/3 scale ford body, the castings come with a quick change back axle, a drop beam front axle and a cast screen surround,  Have wanted a hot rod for as long as i can remember, at lat I can have one, The picture of compleated car is what i hope to end up with but with a running V8,  That I plan on remote controling

Craig DeShong:
First, welcome!

Second, an ambitious project.  I hope you will have a builders thread so we can all follow along.

Hi Steve,
Welcome to the forum!

That certainly is a big project!  Best of luck.  And as Craig said, make sure and post a build thread (with lots of pictures!) so we can follow along.


Roger B:
Welcome to the Forum  :ThumbsUp:  :ThumbsUp:

That looks to be a fun and challenging project  :)  :)  :)


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