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The engine looks very handsome in the deep blue paintwork, a fine model and remarkable to have made it during less than a year!
 Re the "Minnie" book, which does seem to be for sale at a very high price, as Don remarked a few weeks ago; though the book would be an asset to a prospective builder, Len Mason published the Minnie series in Model Engineer magazine starting in January 1969 and running on into 1970. Probably easier and cheaper for UK builders to source, if not on their shelves already.   Dave

Thanks everyone for the kind comments. It has been a wonderful build all-in-all. It is interesting which parts of a model one gets the most satisfaction from ... on this one it was the wheels (of course) and the lubricator.  The former because they ended up true and the later just because all the tiny pieces fit and work.

Now to sort out what's next ...

While it was a pain in the proverbial, to apply the colours, the end result looks amazing  :praise2:
The engine runs very nicely too  :ThumbsUp:

Have you tried to put it in gear so far ?


you did a great job with the steam tractor, distinguished and fine colouring !
flaking paint on the edges, and under the bolts and nuts, really an annoying thing, I don't know how to solve it.
do you plan to steam it at the end ?

Thanks Per and "Zephyrin".

I'm still undecided about actually steaming this engine.  It has been built and tested throughout to do so but I don't want to get in trouble with the anti-coal movement  ;) It may happen at some point but that would be a whole new learning curve.

Per - just for you  ;D; a video of all the mechanical bits working (except the winch).  Sorry about the compressor in the beginning (one gets so used to it in the shop I didn't notice it until previewing the video later) and the fumbling around with the gear selector pin. This run was at about 20 psi (1.4 bar) - about the same as my espresso machine!

Dave - your comments regarding the serialized magazine articles are well founded.  I am lucky enough to have the book and it is a valuable resource but am sure the magazine articles would follow closely.  As JasonB mentioned a long time back, one can easily build the model from the book.  If I had a "do over", I'd have only purchased the book and used the money spent on the drawings for materials.


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