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Although I haven't been posting a build log I thought I'd share a couple photos of my Minnie in its current state.  I started it in January this year with a set of Reeves castings and some copper.  The only "parts" left to deal with are the steering chains so now it's down to paint considerations.  I hate painting so it may be some time before I take this apart one-more-time.

Any suggestions regarding suitable materials and their use to resist heat and reassembly would be appreciated. (I know this question might be like asking about the best motor oil to use but I'll take my chances ...)

Lovely engine - I was giving this serious consideration as a project - how are the Reeves castings and drawings - everything pretty accurate or did you have any issues along the way?

That is one beatiful model! Very well done!

For paint, I have had great luck with the DupliColor brand, specifically the Engine Enamel With Ceramic. Its a spray paint intended for car engines, comes in the usual rattle cans. Dries to touch in minutes, goes on with a very thin layer, covers well, and takes heat up to about 500F. No baking or special curing required like some of the earlier high temp paints. I have used it on boiler shells, smokeboxes, and engines, with no blistering or peeling. Fairly tough stuff. They have some decent colors, not a huge selection but the basic red/blue/green/black/greys.

Thank you Stuart and Crueby

Stuart - the Reeves castings were all very good.  The shaft bearings required some care in cutting away from the "strip" they are cast in - could have used a bit more material between them for comfort.  In the end I didn't use the piston casting but that was only because I didn't want to put a gunmetal piston in a gunmetal cylinder.  It probably would have been fine but just didn't "feel right".  The drawings were also good.  I had the advantage of having the Mason book to hand and highly recommend it for the tips and processes.  One could easily build the engine from the book alone.

Crueby - thanks for the tip about Duplicolor paints. I'll check around to see if they available up here in Canada.

Yup - looks like both NAPA and Canadian Tire carry it, according to quick google search. Am sure others do too. Looks like a different label on the can, but same stuff.


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