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My wife and I are just recovering from the worst "common cold" of our lives,  convinced it was covid we kept on testing but all negative.   As a result minimum shed progress.  I did make a start on fabricating the main bearings but put them down to make the crankshaft. ( it seemed an easier task for a fuzzy head)     Straightforward turning with a bit of milling at one end.  I know it's a small endmill for the job but it was all I had.
Hopefully more progress soon :)         Terry

Pleased to hear you are both feeling better again Terry and you are back on your engine  :)


Cheers Jo :cheers:

It would be nice to report lots of progress, etc, but life has a habbit of getting in the way.  Busy at work..(should I still be there at 76?). We have completely rebuilt our kitchen, and also prepared our campervan for the season.  I used to be able to cope with stuff like this much more quickly :old:      However I did get to the shed today and started on the flywheel. So far no hardspots :)  I was going to bore the centre but decided on the set up pictured...turn the flywheel by manually and feed the reamer by the tailstock. It worked fine.  I shall broach the keyway as soon as the wheel is finish machined.  Hopefully progress has restarted albeit slowly.        Terry

Nice job on the flywheel.

And at 76? No - should be playing more in the shop, house, camping!


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