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Swan Oilfield Engine.


Hello - looking for a casting set for the Swan Oilfield Engine that used to be sold by Lone Star Engine Works. If anyone has this set FS please let me know. Best regards.

Y'all, I am transferring the design, patterns, documentation... if the Swan oil field engine to
Melvin Huyard. He is younger and very enthusiastic about producing some of my kits. He is just
getting started and will take a few months to get castings and set up for sale of kits. I have
asked him to join this forum, but he has had a bit of trouble getting enrolled. Hopefully he will
have an introductory post soon.

He may be reached at:
If there are any questions, I support him, and can be reached at:

lone star engine works retired

Very good to hear that - thank you Maury.


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