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A Safer way turning between centres and taper turning with a boring head


When i had to make some tapered columns recently and mount the work between centres i didn't like the fact that the driving dog had so much potential for catching your hand. So i devised a more streamlined method of driving the work, which is just a piece of 1" tubing slipped over the centre point with a cutout for a small dog. I'm sure the pictures explain it all.
Also i used my Boring head to offset one end for the taper and this avoids moving the tail stock.    Geoff

Another option is to turn a soft ctr held in the chuck and use the side of a chuck jaw to drive a small dog which is what I mostly do as the MT4 ctr on my lathe is a bit bulky and no risk of chewing it up when work offset.

Those are both really good ideas, Geoff. I think I'll be trying them.

I haven't dona any turning between centres - but I do really like your idea  :ThumbsUp:

I like that idea of using a boring head for setting the taper.  I've offset the tailstock on my lathe a few times, and then blistered the paint off the walls (and machined away a lot of stock on test bars) trying to get it back to dead-center.  Thanks Geoff!


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