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1/4 scale Porsche 917 180 degree V12 Build

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--- Quote from: Vixen on September 06, 2021, 10:32:40 PM ---Did you notice the caption on the second to last photo "porsche-917-racer-could-be-yours-for-a-cool-20-million.jpg ".

Now we can see why Dave is building his own, rather than buying


--- End quote ---

And it's only affordable because it's only the engine...and it's 25 percent full size!!! :DrinkPint:

oh and one other thing....I pay the guy building it in beer....when he's not doing other things.....

OK so currently I'm rejiggering the program to cut multiple parts by order of tools

There are 6 or so tool changes per part, if I do one part at a time, and I have 5 more parts that 30 tool changes...but if I cut more than one at a time....it's only 6 tool changes...and I can do something else in between....like crank pins.....


Woo Hoo! Here comes the chips!
 Glad that everything's coming together Dave, it's going to be a really great build to follow!


Thanks for coming along John!


OK   8 tool changes per piece....or 8 total for 3 parts......

Just need to make a new base fixture, I think 3 at a time is a good place to stop...it's a 1.5 hour process for three

Oh and a little eye candy......a print and that print superimposed on the CAD model


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