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Roger B:

My supplier is BR Tools, I don't know if they will ship to the UK, I don't see why not as Switzerland is not in the EU either.

The UK agent for Applitec is:

I forgot to say MSC have a monthly discount flyer that they send out but it is also on their website, they often have the Nickole starter set and some of the individual inserts in there at 40% or more off catalogue price so I usually wait for that if I need a top up.

Thanks Roger and Jason,

Both systems are still quite spendy. I will sign up with MSC and wait to see what their offers look like.

Of the two systems, the mounting arrangement of the Applitec looks the most rigid.

Lets hope other members have discovered other alternatives


Utilis, Horn. You can't do better than tools made for Swiss lathe applications. They cost a small fortune though. Also Thinbit in the US. The older Kennametal Top Notch system is great for shallow grooves. Deep grooving gets expensive no matter which supplier you choose. I had poor luck with Nickole, but it seems like my holders were quite soft. Well, they worked fine until I broke an insert and the pocket got loose. For hobby use the biggest expense is the minimum order for inserts. You may as well spend the money, because by the time you get around to buying more, the price will be up substantially. I remember buying Nickole inserts for 9-11USD when I first started, now I can't justify the cost for the performance. For big name tooling in the US, you have to contact a distributor and get a quote. Smaller distributors are easier to work with, but they can't do anything about minimum orders on inserts, usually 5-10 per part number. If someone like MSC will sell a single insert the price is high. With patience, you can find great deals on Ebay, but study the catalogs well so you know what you're buying.

Dan Rowe:

--- Quote from: Jasonb on August 25, 2021, 12:31:18 PM ---I ordered too large a holder and had to machine it down, did need some serious carbide to cut it but can be done, or you could buy one of the spare screws and have a go at making your own holder

--- End quote ---

Good to know what grade of carbide tool did you use?

I will have to give that a try as the smallest tool is too big for my lathe.

Cheers Dan


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