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Roger B:
I have been looking at insert type grooving and parting tools rather than my somewhat roughly ground HSS ones. They need to be used in both my Hobbymat, max 10mm square tools, and my Proxxon FD150, was max 6mm now is max 8mm square tools.

I would like a minimum groove width of 0.5mm for E clips and possibly 1 and 1.5mm for piston ring grooves.

The tool size and groove widths take me away from normal ‘industrial’ ranges like from APT.

Various member have spoken highly of Nikcole Mini systems. My local supplier offers Applitec which seems similar and a little cheaper.

Both seem to offer a similar range with angled cut off tools and flat and round grooving tools.

Are there any other possible suppliers? Anything I may have missed? The biggest problem I see with my local supplier is buying inserts in boxes of 10  ::)

I use an insert parting tool and a similar insert tool to that linked when turning with the hydraulic copy unit, all under power feed:

My experience of insert grooving tools with manual feed is that they chatter badly when trying to sneak up on dimensions. For accurate grooves with manual feed I use HSS.


Nickole. Work nice.  I like them alot

The unit cost of the Nickole tooling, plus shipping, plus import tax and VAT taxes; makes them unattractive to those on the east side of the big pond.

The Applitec system also looks good and a potential alternative

So Roger B, can you point us in the right direction for a price list and a supplier of Applitec goodies?



I bought my Nickole from a UK supplier who also sells individual insert so may be better for you. Their Uk one is their European outlet.

Have a look at MSC's catalogue page 490 & 491

I ordered too large a holder and had to machine it down, did need some serious carbide to cut it but can be done, or you could buy one of the spare screws and have a go at making your own holder

I also have one of the MGMN holders from APT which I mostly keep a 1mm radius insert in which is nice for small fillets but you can't get inserts small enough for e-clips etc for that type, 2mm is the narrowest I have.


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