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Did I realy do that?

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Art K:
Hey Mike, isn't that the tool used to burnish a hole? Been there done that.

I hate too admit it, but I put a band saw blade on the wrong way once. Didn't realize till it won't cut. :cussing:

WOW!! I made a heap of silly things in the shed like running a drill backwards and cursing because it won't cut but not done that yet. Doesn't mean I wont but not yet. You're a real pioneer in this field Mike.  :lolb: :lolb: :ROFL: :mischief: :-[

Nobby Sideways:
I think a lot of us have run a lathe backwards and wondered why it wouldn't cut. While still quite inexperienced (honest!) I managed to do a fair bit of machining in reverse... wondering why everything was getting red hot and progress was incredibly slow....

Somewhere I have a left hand drill.... it took me a while to realise why is was not cutting very well  :Doh:



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