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Did I realy do that?

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--- Quote from: crueby on May 31, 2021, 02:42:35 PM ---I've seen circular saw blades in backwards, this is a new one!

--- End quote ---
yep done that and wore the t shirt.

I tried one of those "Teach yourself Welding at Home" courses.

I didn't get very far


Roger B:
Groan  :)  :)  :)  :wine1:

I find that sort of disc is really slow cutting steel......and hard to read when spinning  :Lol:

My EMCO VMC CNC mill is over thirty years old, I have been using it most days for the last ten years.

Until today, the table was completely unmarked and pristine.

That was until today :Mad:
I am sure I pressed the 'Tool touch-off button" to zero the tool height The mill was not so sure and gouged this hole in the table.  Dont you just love it when the computer decides it knows best :killcomputer:

For now, I have filled the hole with JB Weld epoxy and will file it smooth to the table surface when it has fully cured for a couple of days



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