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Did I realy do that?

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Time to shut down and to close the shed door for this day.
Taking the bicycle and doing a little tour to the lake in our village.
That is my action if I realize these things.
And believe me, I do know the way to the lake and back very well.

Like Achim I can only say that blonders made in the Workshop are more often than I care to admit - and it's only getting better with age  :facepalm2:

Thanks everyone,

I thought my little faux par would amuse you.

They say that experience only comes with time and that this experience allows you to make silly mistakes with total confidence.  :old:


Allen Smithee:
That's one of those undrills that you use to undrill holes that are in the wrong place...

To quote from my flying instructor's mantra:

"Wisdom comes from knowledge and experience.
Knowledge can come from education and training, but experience is about learning from mistakes.
And the best mistakes to learn from are those made by other people."

Me? My entire career has been an endless succession of learning opportunities...


I usually try to drill holes in masonary with the ordinary portable electric running backwards. It is difficult enough when the drill is rotating the right direction.



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