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Recently completed G3 or 2.5in gauge GWR Armstrong Goods Engine circa 1890
Apart from the motor and gears the model has been entirely built using a CNC mill and manual lathe, the wheels were cut from 6mm ali plate with steel tyres heat shrunk on as in full size practice and has fully working inside motion. The number plate was engraved with a ground up 0.030in chisel tool on the mill. The engine has R/C and sound along with the batteries housed in the tender.
Researching, drawing and building the model has been a great pleasure and kept me sane during the long winter lockdown.


Very nice! I've wondered about doing driving wheels that way, with either brass or ali centers, yours is the first example I've seen at model size. They seem to have turned out really well.

Roger B:
Splendid  :praise2: Is commercial G3 track available or did you make that as well?

Great looking locomotive  :praise2:

Is the motor + gearbox a commercial item, or did you make the gearbox ?


Thanks for the kind comments
Making your own wheels can prove to be a cost saver, to buy the wheels for this engine would be around £300. Ali plate and steel bar around £25
Yes; G3 track is available about £15 per yard
I made the gearbox from items found on e-bay total £20, there are commercial motor/gearbox’s available powerful enough for G3 but at cost around £150
I approach model making as a challenge, so why not take on as much as possible if you have the tools and equipment, plus you can cut the cost to a minimum.



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