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A DIY Budget Belt Grinder

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Looks good Kim.

Have clicked 'notify' to see how you get on.


Thanks Gary,

Yeah, as Zee says, I've now gone down the rabbit hole!  I've now done enough research that I'm stuck!

I started looking at other plans available for a DIY belt grinder and I'm finding many possibilities.  Of course, it was the simplicity of this one (the Dakota DIY grinder) that caught my attention, but as I look at others, I'm seeing some that will rotate so they can be both vertical and horizontal - have more adjustability, etc.   And I start thinking about those and if I'm going to make a belt grinder, why not do a more capable one... But then I start thinking about how much more they'll cost, and how much bigger they'll be, and where do I put it in my cramped shop and I move back to the simple one.  Then I start thinking about how nice it would be to be able to do both horizontal AND vertical and I start leaning back the other way.

Now I've gotten myself all wrapped about the axle  - paralyzed by indecision.  So it'll take me some more thinking to decide what I want to do.

Here's  a couple of other plans I've been looking at:

I like this one because it has a big base, can rotate and doesn't necessarily need to be bolted down:

This one is nice too - it rotates and has many other nice features:

And this one is very fancy and more of a machinists belt grinder (as opposed to a knife maker's belt grinder) - lots of machining done on this one, but it's very well done!

And there are so MANY more.  :insane:

But I'll keep thinking about it and come to a decision eventually. I've decided I want to build one, now I just have to pick what I REALLY want out of this - a super flexible high-powered belt grinder?  Or just a basic belt grinder to help sharpen my tools and round off the ends of conrods and such.  And how much space and money do I want to devote to it.

It seemed so easy when I first posted this!

Hugh Currin:

Simple is good. I suspect it's one of those tools you can have dozens of bells and whistles for. And you set it up one way and don't change it. So a lot of work for adaptations you hardly ever use. I'd suggest simple if you want a belt sander. If it's your next project, then the sky's the limit.

How about a simple belt sander and then a project to build a Quorn?

I feel you pain.


A Quorn would raise the stakes somewhat...


there's a ton of DIY builds out there.  It's a super handy tool I'd like to have, but find myself torn between "simple, just get it done" and go for all the "bells and whistles".  Given making anything takes a ton of time, the later has more appeal....make something unique that outperforms what you could buy.  90 degree tilt, quick and easy belt changes, sold and smooth running would be all things I like of it.  I would probably go 2x72 as its a common belt size.  I'd also consider a purchased rubberized drive pulley, or maybe there is a good DIY way to achieve something similar, but no point in having lots of power if the belt slips


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