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A DIY Budget Belt Grinder

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I came across this YouTube video from House.of.Chop on building a fairly good 2"x48" belt grinder based on a 3/4 HP grinder.  They call it the Dakota Belt Grinder.  It looks pretty good to me, I'm considering building this.

There's a guy who sells the basic plate set used for this.  He's asking $125 for the set of 5 plates, laser cut from 3/16" steel, and the price includes shipping.  I checked on the price of 3/16" steel and I don't think I could make those plates for less than the cost of his set.  It also requires a set of 4 roller wheels (they give you a link to purchase those) which cost about $100.  You have to supply your own square tube, angle iron, and various other HW. But it looks like a fun build and a pretty neat tool at the end.

This video is from the guy who sells the grinder plate kit.  His name is Ed and his video shows him upgrading the basic belt grinder for a bigger motor and making it a little sturdier.  Also an interesting watch.

So, I'm considering building this. Has anyone else done this? Anything I should consider before jumping into this one?  I'm sure many of you have done something similar.

I like the idea of a grinder like that's got the power to get something done!.....  my 1x42 really lacks the grunt to move a lot of metal....


Dave Otto:
2X48 is a nice size and capable of removing quite a bit of material with some horsepower behind it.
Looking forward to a build thread on the new machine.

I have a 2X 48 Kalamazoo with a 1/3 HP motor that has served me well for many years.


Hugh Currin:

I built a belt sander years ago. I made it so I could run, I think, three different belt lengths all 2" wide. Also made it to mount on the wall. It works well but I haven't used more than one length belt. I looked around the Internet and picked some of, what I though, were the best DIY ideas.

I don't remember where I "borrowed" the table tilting from but I found it slick. Each hole is set for a different table tilt. Pretty handy for touching up HSS lathe tools. May or may not be worthwhile for your belt sander build. Here are two pics.

I think I have an overall *.dxf drawing to scale (you can view individual parts on layers). If you want a copy of that file let me know and I'll shoot you a copy.

But that does look like a nice unit, easy build. I think you should go for it.


Thanks for the input Dave, Dave, and Hugh,

That variable setting tool rest looks like an interesting idea.  Wonder if I could incorporate that into this one?  I really like the simplicity of this - being able to just use a grinder for the power part.

Still considering options...



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