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I am going to try to keep the cover fitted. It is a bit rattley.

The mandrel handle will be a miniture version of the design in Ian Bradley's "Myford Series 7 Manual". I made one for my old Myford twenty years ago. I intend to fit a DRO and have had a look at what others have done,


Nice looking lathe Avtar!    I've always liked the Cowells....and Bill tells me it was worth you can take that to the bank!


I have a post on here re the DRO's I fitted,,5583.msg106950.html#msg106950

For some reason the pictures have vanished but the majority of them can be seen on the Model engineer site in my album 'Twizseven's Bits & Bobs'


Hope that you get much enjoyment from your Cowell, I do like the look of my similar even if it has had rather ocassional use over a lot of years.  Accessory making  wise, a little swing clear boring tool holder is a useful thing to add to the toolkit, saves having to wind the carriage back many tedious turns to gauge an item to the bore.  Dave

Thanks for the comments. I like the little boring tool holder. Colin, I may have been in contact with you about the DRO. I will have some questions when I can get an understanding of everything and seeing what is out there. I think a member of the Bristol club has used Yuri's DRO system so I will also have a chat with him.

I have started on the mandrel handle.



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