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Back in October I mentioned I had ordered a new Cowells lathe. During the last two months, avoiding the cold weather, I have been busy finding and making a home for it.

The lathe with most of the ordered accessories arrived three weeks ago, before the bench was finished. It is now installed and has been used. However it still needs some self made items, such as a mandrel handle and dial gauge holder, to be really useful. These will take a back seat as I restart work on the Hick Crank Overhead engine.

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Always was a pretty little lathe


How long before you decide to take off the rattley white cover  :thinking:


Very nice. Congratulations.

Nice machine. I made a mandrel handle for mine and also fitted it with DRO using Touch-DRO software.

Good to see you are still around Jo.  I must admit I have not removed my plastic cover.  I will be in the bad books if I start to spray oil on the walls and flooring (and my clothing) within my office.



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