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Piston material

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Dan the man:
Hi folks I'm just wondering what you guys think is the best material for a lapped piston, cast iron?and why



Hullo Dan.....there is usually an optimal type of answer to such a question, but only after you divulge   :facepalm: a few important points

1. steam?........
2. internal combustion?
3. compressed air?
4. cylinder material?
5. scale?

Or just a few lines  :happyreader: on the planned type & size of engine build 


Dan the man:
Hi Derek I thought I had replied to your question but I think I failed to send it somehow!
It would be an internal combustion engine of about 1cc


OK Dan.... :slap: an alloy [aluminium based] cylinder?.........or an alloy cylinder head with a steel liner? ....Derek

Dan the man:
The latter Derek!


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