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Ed hunter cylinder bolts

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Dan the man:
Hi folks, during an "otherwise "successful run of my ed hunter mark four three of the four cylinder bolts sheared right off!
I'm wondering if anyone knows what size these bolts area I need to get some ,any help appreciated.



Hi Danny

It's probably only Ramon that knows for sure here and he's not always around.
So I would suggest that you write him a PM, as I'm sure he will be more than happy to answer your question.

Best wishes


Thanks Per  :ThumbsUp:

Hi Danny, I forgot to look this afternoon so just been out to the workshop to check for you.

I assume you mean the cylinder bolts that hold the liner to the crankcase as the cylinder head has 6 bolts. They are all 6 BA Cheese head so you should be able source these easy enough but if you can send me a PM with your address and I'll pop four in the post for you. You'll have to shorten them to suit as they are 1" long.

Regards - Tug

Dan the man:
Hi Tug ,there is of course one thing bothering me,why did my bolts break?did I turn up compression too much, or were they too tight, or perhaps had vibrated loose and the cylinder was moving and kind of hammered them off!
Any ideas?
I really dont want to break your new ones!

Hi Dan, well they've probably been in there since it was made and who knows what use it's had. If they have been overtightened in the past they may have had the heads stressed but I would think it's most likely a combination of them becoming loose and metal fatigue. I wouldn't think that increasing compression would cause it.

They should just need a firm nip to bring them up tight and not overtightened - it's only an ali case after all. A little thread locker on the threads will help loosening with vibration but clean the holes out of old oil first.

I'll get these in the post tomorrow for you - having a major clean up of swarf today!



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