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Crowning a pulley for a flat belt Question


Crowning a pulley for a flat belt, been trying on some ali before moving onto brass using the top slide set at 1 + and then set at 1 - and it ain't an easy exercise to achieve a simple crowned pulley! 

Any hints on how to do this? I thought this was going to be really simple, its kicking my arse!

1 degree isn't much....5 might be better for belt tracking....try it out on the ali part first

A dead sharp tool with a small polished radius and a steady feed...consider a simple crank on the compound that you can spin smoothly

Got some pictures?    Lets see what it's doing?


I've only seen them with a curve not two flats so thats how I've made them.  You could create the radius the way I do radii; work out a table of X/Z movements and cut the steps with the compound and cross feed.  I think on the one below I just eyeballed a few steps and hit it with a file, its not super critical stuff.  Then finish with a file and emery to round out the corners of the steps. 


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