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Older Sherline 4000 for Beginners First Lathe?

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Thanks for all the replies, and for all the helpful info.

I decided to pass on this particular Sherline. The seller didn't want to come down on price, and with the upgrades I would want to make to the setup and tooling it would start to get close to the price of a more modern sherline with a DC motor, more rigid frame, and less overall wear.  I will keep my eyes open for any other similar 3" lathes while I save up for a 7" or 10".

Flyboy Jim:
Mals, it sounds like it was a good idea to pass on that lathe.

Here's a link to the first model engine I machined:,5886.0.html As far as engines go, it was quite simple and a great way to get my feet wet with minimal tooling and even less experience. You might find it useful.



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