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ED hunter mark 4 carburetor

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Dan the man:
Thanks for that Ramon,brilliant!I actually have the needle assembly ordered so I will now have a go at making the carb body


You're welcome Dan.

Let us know how you get on and watch those fingers - an ED 3.46 has a good reputation for biting!

I don't know what it is about the Hunter but I have always found it to be a very attractive engine - Since building my 5cc version I now have three of the original size!

You may be interested in taking a look here,7914.15.html

Good luck with yours - Tug

Dan the man:
Thanks for the help Tug,I turned the carb as you advised!and I have learned how to start it really well!
Only one black finger nail!ha ha.
But...the other day three of the four cylinder bolt heads sheared off ,everything seems to have survived but I now need these four bolts, I'm wondering if you know their size?



Hi Dan - have only just seen your post. I'm not sure as I sit here but would think they will be 6 or 5BA but will check one of my Hunters this afternoon for you.

We'll worry about where to get some once we know the size !


Dan the man:
Thanks Tug!appreciate it


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