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ED hunter mark 4 carburetor

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Dan the man:
Hi folks ,I own a ed hunter for decades and only recently got it running with a modified os carburetor, but its difficult to start.
I'm wondering if someone has a carb for sale or drawings of one?
Dan the man

Hi Dan, The Ed 3.46 Hunter is a particular favourite  :ThumbsUp:

I haven't got a spare carb nor a drawing as such but some time back I made a 5cc version - heres a pic of the carb parts which were copied directly off an original Hunter.

These were made to a scale of 1.13 the original.

I have a PDF file of the backplate showing the carb at that scale but not sure how to attach it - Pm your email and I'll send you it


Hello Dan - Received your PM

I just tried to send you an email but it has returned. It appears to be due to a change over of servers this last week. I thought I had sorted it but apparently not so. I don't really have much idea about such things so that might be a while

Can any one help me get a PDF up on here for Dan ?

Regards - Tug

Hi Ramon

How's life?

Regarding the pdf file I can see that it is attached to your post with the photo of the carb.


Hello Vince, It's still good but slowing down a bit now  ::) Hope you are enjoying that retirement  :ThumbsUp:

I can see the attachment now, thanks. When I added the attachment, once in the box there was nothing to say insert or such so I assumed it hadn't worked.

There you go then Dan - the attachment of the drawing is at the bottom of my reply. That should get you what you want - just divide the dimensions by 1.13 and that will be the original specs. Unfortuntely I don't appear to have a drawing of the needle valve assembly (may be on another computer that isn't set up at the moment) so can't help there for now

(Ramon) Tug


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