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Valve seat cutting

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I have reached the nerve wracking phase of my Alyn Foundry Gardner 0 build i.e. the inlet valve chest.

This needs two 45 degree valve seats and in the construction notes, Graham the designer suggests making a small valve seat cutter for these which are 3/8" diameter.

Having just found a brand new, unused 10mm, 90 degree spot drill in my odds and ends box. I'm wondering if this could produce the valve seats I need?

What does the panel think?


That sounds like it might do the job.

But have a go on some scrap of the same material to see how good it cuts before you risk your actual parts


Great idea - why didn't I think of that??

Its cast iron which drills very nicely, so the surface finish should be OK.

The seats are in a recess, so visibility is not good, but mocking it up will give me useful guidance for how much material to remove.

Thanks Phil.

Charles Lamont:
Dead slow speed, to a depth stop. But even so I would be very concerned about chatter marks, which would be very difficult to correct without making the seat too wide.
If this a new set-up just to chamfer the seats, I would be even more worried about concentricity.
I have successfully used the home-made, hand-held, piloted cutter method myself - more work, but less chance of a cock-up.

Just to add.........

My comments above are based on the assumption you will be doing this with a milling machine and have everything held very rigidly etc.

If you were thinking of using a drilling machine, then you are heading for trouble.



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