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This is my first build. I am not one for taking pic while I am working. I will usually take pictures when I get done with something. I know this is going to be a long project but it will be fun. I will most likely be making smaller steam engines when I want to work on something else. Here is the start of My Wheels

Looks like you're off to a great start, Brad!

What kind of material are you using for your wheels?  Are you going to stick with all the material as stated by Kozo (mostly brass) or are you doing something different?

The longest journey starts with the first step (or something like that  :Lol:)

Looking forward to seeing your build progress.

Kim Thanks.
I am using 1018 crs for the wheels. It is what I could get a hold of at work vs ordering it right now. I had to order some new tools so I could move on to the other side of the wheels. Good excuse to buy new tools.

Hi Brad,
I am not familiar with this engine so had to google it to see what it looks like. Looks a nice little shunter. What gauge are you building it?

It will be a long project as it is your first. The learning curve is very steep!!! My Simplex is my first large loco and has annoyingly taken me over three years to build. It was finished last October well into Covid restrictions. It has to wait for the club to open back up to have its steam test and in the mean time it will be fired up when the better weather comes. I have just started my next loco, 5" Sweet Pea, which I am posting elsewhere on this forum. With the experience of the Simplex I want this build to be alot quicker and am already moving at a decent speed. You will need plenty of patience as this is your first loco. Trust me things will go wrong but it is all part of learning. The problem I had was the longer the build went on the more impatient I got so the more mistakes crept in.

Though I am unfamiliar with the Penn Switcher I will watch your progress with eager anticipation. If I can help please ask though it appears there are several that have been built on this forum.

Good luck and happy building.



Thanks Julian
      Yes it will be a very long build. I will look for the progress of your build also.


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