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'O' rings for i.c. engine pistons

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I have used o rings.   You want very little wall pressure.   The fly wheels should bounce no different than broke in iron rings.  No noticeable drag or friction.  Here is my Gade with around 600 or more hours on it with the original vitron o ring.

I have a little write-up on  o ring in this PDF, info is for Gade but calculation is generic. 



Many thanks for your thoughts and experiences.  I think it is fairly clear that O rings are very forgiving, at least for initial running.  Longevity may be a different issue.  The O rings I have are 1/8" section Viton which are probably too thick for a 1" bore.  Bearing that in mind I am going for a groove without pinch so that it is only the compliance in the free ring that provides the fit.  In the final analysis, of course, it is no big deal to make another piston with different ring arrangements if necessary.

Once again, thanks.


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