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A year or so back I think I had mentioned that i was about to or just had acquired an old 13" x 5 ft. bed length Southbend lathe for restoration. I finally got around to taking a few pictures of it to share. Overall it is in good shape aside from a worn cross slide screw but the prior owner supplied one in the deal.  I look forward to getting started on the restoration soon and will document it if any interest. Will be good to get back on a project and get my hands dirty after a rather long haitus.


Dave Otto:
Hi Bill

Looks like a nice old machine, I would love to follow along as you go through it.


Roger B:
That looks to be an good and well equipped machine. I will enjoy following the restoration   :ThumbsUp:  :ThumbsUp:  :wine1:

Hi Bill, itís good to see you back again after so long.

That lathe looks like a nice find.  It will be good to follow along as you restore it.  A very relevant project that involves many processes not used in our engine making, so interesting for those of us not familiar with those processes to follow along.


Gotta love that old iron. I am interested in the restoration.


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