Author Topic: It started as a Stothart & Pitt Beam engine but i changed it so what to call it.  (Read 286 times)

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My latest build from plans by Antony Mount is scratch built as castings don't seem to be available now. It started well but then i decided to put the flywheel at the back and not have a out rigger bearing so as to keep the footprint smaller. Then i was so pleased with the columns that i didn't want to cut a slot for the decorative panels that should go there, but i'm pleased with how it has turned out. It is one of those engines that has to be assembled in the correct order which is frustrating, I know there should be more studs but i don't like them and maybe i should paint more of the shinny metal but i like it to look different to the others.

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Whatever you want to call it -- It's beautiful. It runs smoothly and is intriguiing to watch.

I like it very much as it is, but I could see some more paint if you decide to go that way.

Thank You for posting.


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A very nice runner Geoff. :ThumbsUp:        Terry

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Nicely done Geoff!


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Nice slow runner! Congrats!