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LMS HiTorque Bench Mill (Seig X2.7) Y axis woes

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I received a new LMS HiTorque bench mill (Seig X2.7 equivalent), and got it all set up on its stand and trammed in the table. Then I got the vise indicated in (0 variation on the DTI over the 4" of the reference jaw of the vise) and tried to square up some stock held in the vise. When I removed the stock to check square with a reference square, I saw a *tiny* wedge sliver of light, indicating that the cut was not exactly square. I re-checked the reference face of the vise again, and it was still at 0 across it. So then I put a square in the vise (the same one used to check the cut on the stock), and indicated along the edge of the square (in Y). Over approx 3.75", the indicator showed it was out of square by about 0.0045-0.005".

I contacted LMS, and they had me go through a couple of other steps (I still have to double check the squares are indeed, square), and Chris Woods' excellent customer service reputation was put to the test. I am pleased to say its still very robust!!

In this case, there is no way to shim out the error in Y, and it looks like LMS will be sending me a new saddle. Once I confirm the squares used are indeed square, and double check the Front to Back tram of the table, hopefully the saddle will be shipped out tomorrow.

Any progress?

What LMS part number or model number is that? I couldn't see a reference to X2.7 on the LMS site.


Its a long way to Australia, but isn't the dial indicator graduated with reference graduation of 0.0005"? are we seeing the level of error 0.00045" to 0.0005"........or just under 1/2 of a thousandths?...and not 5 thousandths [0.005"]

The Seig 2.7 specification in the Sales booklet doesn't specify levels of squareness in X or Y.......does the specification booklet accompanying the machine nominate these values?

During my apprenticeship 50+ years ago  :old:  ....Dial Indicators with the listed accuracy of 0.0005" were termed as Test Indicators...and used only in the Tool Room as part of the Metrology Dept


No Derek, that gauge is 0.0005 per "tick" or about 9 "ticks" (4.5 thou) as shown.

Derek, look at both photos. Starts at zero and then over the 3.75" movement the reading is somewhere between 0.0045" and 0.0050", That's 5thou rounded up in my book


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