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needed to clear a space!!!

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I found that the compound slide was very stiff to work, took it all apart again and checked the movement of each part as it went back together, found that the leadscrew retaining block(were I worked to remove backlash) was the culprit and careful mounting it up solved the problem (there is some play in the mounting screw holes) some more goodies arrived today,a MT3 collet set for the main spindle (the draw bolt just has a flat washer, I'll turn a stepped spacer that will work better),, bolts so the 4" 4jaw I had could be used, and just because I believe things fail just when you need them most a belt for the lathe and one for the mill to put in the spares box..

Sounds like some good tuning. And Slim looks great with the bandolier, he needs a pirate hat!  Aaarrr!

I think Slim may have had Jack Daniels or Johnny Walker in mind when he said he wanted a belt...... but if the bandolier fits...... :Lol:

Great news on making first chips. :cheers:

Art K:
Yeah but can Slim hold his liquor?

It sure doesn't appear as if he can, physically, now that you mention it Art. Talk about runout - shafts in the shop got nuthin' on Slim!  :Lol:


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