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needed to clear a space!!!

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cleared some bench-top this am,, told slim to keep everything out of the area for the next week..

Looks like prime real estate for a bench top lathe ;)


Bet Slim is ordering pizza, beer, a couch, big-screen TV, etc to fill that space, so you better hurry and get your stuff there!   :Lol:

Allen Smithee:

--- Quote from: b.lindsey on January 25, 2021, 07:15:55 PM ---Looks like prime real estate for a bench top lathe ;)


--- End quote ---

Probably not full CNC - just a basic bare-bones machine...


[is there still such a thing as a "2nd Op lathe"?]

not quite bare bones,, some of extras I wanted to get with it are out of stock, but I should have enough to get things going. slim most likely is spending time on his still project,,be on the lookout for strange packages, if any shop elves out there start going blind he most likely has shipped a batch..
it should meet my needs without braking the bank or the benchtop...


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