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Material for crankshaft

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I really like the 1144, have done a few crankshafts with it and had no noticeable movement when cutting away one side or the other. After tips from George and others I learned to saw away the bulk of the material to reduce the interrupted cuts.
latest one with 1144, worked out great:

john mills:
For these sort of parts the the cold rolled versions should be avoided  this can have stresses  which cause the distortion as metal is cut   black bar  hot rolled is much more stable  it can be quite rough  but  it does not move like hot rolled can.the local suppliers often supply cut to size from big blocks so that can be good it does not have the sometimes thick black scale an be closer to the sizes required not limited by stock sizes and grain structure that direction grain does  not need to be considered  .just care needs to be taken when holding when starting machining not to tending to bend the steel if clamping in a vice or clamping however you hold the material as you start cutting .

Thanks for your replies.
I found another source for the etg100 stuff where i pay ca.100 euro per meter instead of 290.
I think i will purchase this material.
Unfortunately still have to remove big amount because of the round form

Hi Michael, my last source for ETG 100.

Plus 1 for 1144SP.    I buy three steels typically     303ss,  0-1 oil hardening and 1144sp.    It machines very nice and has relly good material properties....


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