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Iíve been working on this radial engine on & off for <ahem> more than a few years now. You may have seen some of my prior questions or random posts scattered elsewhere on the forum. Progress has been pretty slow with the usual factors - time constraints, distractions & learn-as-you go snailís pace. I also had a few unwelcome interruptions with my machines. The drive train on my í97 Taiwan 14x40 lathe developed problems which took some time to source parts & repair. Then shortly thereafter my same vintage RF-45 mill gearbox decided it wasnít happy with the world. Ultimately I decided to upgrade the mill but that required some shop shuffling & electrical work.

Anyway, rolling time forward to present day, I might actually be on the home stretch. So I figure itís a good time to post my prior construction journey and transition into present day work so it will appear as a normal, continuous construction exercise. Actually, looking back at some of my pictures & notes leaves me wondering what I actually did myself, so this documentation exercise will benefit me as well.

I really wanted to build a radial and avoid castings to mess up, so 5 cylinders is kind of the minimum order, at least of the more common radial plans available. The Ohrndorf seemed well designed from my amateur comparisons to other 5-cyl radials. Nothing stood out as radical or unconventional. There is a YouTube video of it running. Hard to tell, but possibly it is an early prototype. I liked the overall proportions & some aesthetic features. Anyways, it ticked most of the boxes for me at the time.

Experience wise, this is my first engine. Iíd made a few prior metalworking gadgets, but nothing remotely close to this level. I decided to attempt a single cylinder assembly prototype and if that turned out OK, then Iíd carry on with the rest of the engine. The engine has yet to run, so weíll ultimately see if that path was the right decision. Wish me luck!

The engine is designed by Martin Ohrndorf of Modellbau & Technik (Germany). On his web site he offers various other plans if you are so inclined (no personal affiliation). There are also some YouTube videos of his engines running.

Engine Specs
Methanol fuel, glow plug ignition
Bore = 24 mm
Stroke = 22 mm
Displacement = 50 cc (10 cc per cylinder)
Weight ~ 1900 g
RPM ~ 950 Ė 5,500
Outer diameter ~ 225 mm
Length ~ 165 mm
Propeller size 18x14 to 22x12 inch

The 2D hardcopy plans are most certainly derived from a 3D CAD model. They are metric dimensions, corresponding to metric components & tooling. The instructions are in German & quite brief, however I was able to occasionally communicate with Martin by email to answer the odd question.

Once I had the plans, I set about re-drawing parts into my own CAD model. This isnít a necessity but it certainly helped me on multiple fronts. I was better able to understand the assembly details, make my (imperial dimensioned) shop drawings, design jigs & fixtures etc. Ultimately I made a few changes here & there which Iíll detail, but for the most part stuck to the original design.

Iíll use the abbreviations O5 & O9 for the (Ohrndorf) 5 & 9 cylinder engines respectively. The 05 shares about half its parts with the 09. Unfortunately you need to purchase both O5 & O9 plan sets in order to build the 05. I suspect the O9 came first & the O5 later. The O5 plans have a pseudo assembly sheet that specifies whether to use a stock O9 part, or modify an O9 part, or make a new O5 part. This involves a bit of juggling to keep straight. A single set of O5 plans would certainly have been more convenient, but it is what it is. Who knows, maybe Iíll build the O9 one day.

Plans overview & video link

Cad pics missing pushrods, carb, inlet/exhaust accessories & some other bits


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