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Sweet Pea build

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Looks like you made a good start. :ThumbsUp:

Will be a beast of a loco



Lovely. That's going to be a fascinating build, and I shall be following along.

joe d:
Looking good already, I'll be following along.  A locomotive is on my one-of-these-days list.


Thanks Rich, Stuart and Joe. All praise gladly accepted

Well this afternoon my wife said "You could go outside for an hour if you want".  Guess what?  I'm gone!

Needed to build the hornkeeps next. They go across the bottom of the horns to add support and help stop the horns spreading with the load.

Four bits of 5/16" square cut to the length of the bottom of the horns.

All machined to length in the lathe and drilled on the ends 4mm. Middle hole is drilled and tapped M5 for a bolt to go in later to stop the axles dropping too far when the loco is lifted. Each one has been engraved on the inner face to indicate the position and front direction. This is because they are each used to drill the bolt holes in the bottom of the horns.

All four bolted on with M4 stainless bolts and stainless nylok nuts.

Checked after and realised its not stainless bar its mild steel. Now they are made they can be painted or nickel plated later. They will have to come off to fit the axle boxes anyway.
Took just over an hour so a good job done today. Axle boxes next hopefully tomorrow or monday.



Looks great!


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