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Elmer's Fancy Drill Jig Question


Hello Everyone,

I think this engine is fairly popular so I am hoping someone can help me out.

I cannot understand what the purpose of the 3/32" hole is at the far end of the drill jig, it appears that the top of the jig is what is used against the location plug so I cant figure out the purpose of this additional hole. I must be missing something simple.

The jig is further used to drill the intake/exhaust hole in the cylinder as this extract from Elmer's instructions describes...

For the ROD, chuck a l/4 rod in the 3-jaw with about 2
projecting. Drill a center hole with a 3/64 center drill and
bring the tail center up for support. Turn the 1/8 diameter
long enough to cut away the center later. Thread 5-40 with
a tailstock die holder. Use parting cuts to bring to final
dimensions. Hold the l/8 diameter in a small V groove in
the milling vise and mill to 1/8 thickness. Drill and ream
for the Crank Pin. Insert the Piston/Rod assembly in the
Cylinder. Place the drill jig over the Pivot Pin. Run a close-
fitting 3/32 pin through the jig and Crank Pin hole.
Then drill the 1/16 port hole in the Cylinder.

Very simple and straightforward! Sometimes it just takes a second set of eyes, I even re-read the portion about the drill jig but I was only looking at the write up discussing the drilling of the ports in the column, I should have kept reading and I would have found my answer!  ::) :Lol:



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