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In my 'introduce yourself' post David (deltatango) asked me to show my shop. I am cleaning up so I can take some decent pictures. The shop is 6mx12m (20ftx40ft aprox) and has LED lighting. My machines run on 3x380V. It has a basement and attic (storage). It is divided into a woodshop and a metal shop (60/40). The woodshop part is bigger because I use it to make funiture, doors, windows etc and this kind of projects asks for more space.
I will post some pictures as I clean it up.

Shop from the outside

Looks nice  :cheers:

I can't see you get much use out of the old crane / hoist .... has a door been bricked up under it, or ....  :thinking:

Best wishes


At this moment there is a double door in it and the beam for the hoist is retractable.

Pictures from my metalshop machines

Welcome Pieter! shop looks great. The dark flooring material - are they slates or ceramic tiles? They look nice. I like the clean up / refinish you did on the drill press. If you come to Canada you could drop by and polish the aluminum on a few of my machines!    :shrug: :cheers:


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