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Limerick Boilermen’s Union model steam engine

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This engine was in the room of the Limerick Boilermen’s Union in Ireland and it was given to me by my father-in-law, whose father was Secretary of the Union.
It was given to me perhaps 30 years ago and I never intended to restore it and kept it as an ornament. However, I now have grandchildren and thought they should see it working as it was owned by their great-great-great-grandfather and is part of their family history.

So, I would appreciate help with the restoration and the following is a little background to help readers understand what I know and don’t know, and what equipment I have for the job.
I build a few engines etc ‘back in the day’ but got rid of everything perhaps 25 years ago, and I mean ‘everything’ - house moves and all the usual life stuff intervened and I didn’t retain even a tap or die let alone a lathe.

However, I’d always kept an interest in old engineering and just before Christmas, and perhaps triggered by the Covid lock-downs and the growing grandchildren whom I mentioned, I impulsively decided to tool up to restore the engine.

Perhaps it was just an excuse to by a cheap Chineese 4x10” mini-late which I now have! However, a lathe is little use without a whole lot of tooling and measuring equipment etc, some of which I have on order from various places including the Chinese sites. I also have to sort out a grinder with a tool-rest for grinding lathe tools etc. So, from the equipment point of view, you could say that I’m starting from scratch.

The engine was obviously steamed a lot. It is very worn and sloppy and a repair has been done around the base of the firebox where chunks of the original brass are corroded away.
The boiler is 4.5” ID and 8.5” high. There are quite a few ‘issues’ with the engine and I’ll describe these as I break it down.

Thanks for your interest if you have read the far and, as I said, I’ll appreciate advice with this task – I have lots of questions already but I will spare you for now!

Well, I'm having trouble getting the images posted. Do they have to be hosted elsewhere? When I try to 'attach' them there doesn't seem to be an option to post. Anyway, here they are - hosted elsewhere:




Roger B:
I am not a steam person but there are plenty on here who are. It's a fine looking engine with some interesting features regarding the guidance (or lack of) for the piston and valve rods.

If you click on the 'attachments and other options' below the message box you can attach pictures of a limited size. Depending on what device/computer you are using you may have to scroll further down to see the post button.

Looks like an interesting restoration project you have there!

As Roger said, you can attach photos and they will be hosted on the site and appear at the end of your post.

If you want to embed the photos in your message you have to have them externally hosted, as you have done here.

I generally prefer images embedded with the text, that way it's easier for me to see what words apply to what picture.  But some people find that too much hassle and just attach them at the end of the post, which is also fine.  But it takes an extra click that way to see them full size :)

Looking forward to reading more about your restoration project.

Beautiful little steam plant you have there.

I'll be following along!



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