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new tool unboxing (with help)

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well, this was on sale,, all the lower reviews complained that it couldn't do thicker stock,it's a model making tool! all I want it for light work, copper water tanks, sheet-metal coal  bunkers, light outer boiler shells,,
  The packing was great and the few parts went together quickly even with the help of the mutant ship cat.... most likely will get bolted to my rolling work table, once it gets back into a rolling state..
  all in all it looks to be solid and very well made..should be a good addition to the model boat shop... the current project also needs 18 brass tubes curved on one end for the canopy supports..

Roger B:
Looks good to me  :ThumbsUp:  :ThumbsUp: Small tools for small jobs, big tools for big jobs  :)  I understand the limitations of my Proxxon tools and within those limitations they are good.

sometimes it's kind of amazing what people expect,, looking at replacing my 2005 ford ranger,,some the reviews on the new ranger complained that it has a ride like a truck :facepalm: :facepalm:

I see your assistant had a good rest break.


Nice - I have a sheet metal tool pretty similar to that. Like the others say - work within its range and it's just fine. I'm also hoping to use mine to roll a cylinder for a boiler. I have used mine to shear and fold light gauge aluminum and stainless steel, and it works great. I had to put some time in to setting up the shear blades and getting them set right, but for the price I was not complaining at all.

Enjoy! New tools are always fun.


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