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Hi guys,
just started an new project as the title says, it is an Holt 75. It is  kind of an chimera. While i am using some castings it is alos based on plans and some is my own design.

The initial plan was building the engine from George Brittnels plan from bar stock. I purchased his set of plans but redid them in metric using a 3d CAD Program.
Some time ago i came in contact with a  fellow HMEM forum member called foketry. He was so kind to give his left over casting parts and some cores for the heads and Zylinder jackets.

So i tried to use the castings but keep the design metric.
Now i am nearly ready with the crankcase. I still have to line bore the main bearings of the crank and the middle bearing of the cam.
For this i will use a Straight bar of drill rod and mount a HSS bit in it. I just bored the Bearings at the end plates so i can use them as  guide.
Here are some pics an a short video.

Milling out the lower part of the crank case

boring tje cylinder holes and taping some threads

milling the end plates/bearing holders

and here is my setup for boring the bearing holders and the hole for the camshaft
for that i used my beloved wohlhaupter, a realy awesome tool

and here is the short video from the boring job



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