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An Apology - on behalf of all the Admins...
« on: December 16, 2020, 01:47:36 PM »
Hi All,

So... I come here somewhat red-faced with embarrassment  :-[ - turns out, when my old e-mail server died 3 years ago, although I did set a replacement up within a few days, including adding the MEM accounts, it appears that I never communicated the details to the other admins. As a result, any e-mail to the admins - which includes anything sent through the "contact us" form, has been sitting, unread, gathering dust and spiders, in the inbox.

Fortunately, this oversight on my part has now been rectified, and I've just gone through the 10,000+ emails that were waiting there.... and I'll respond to anything less than 12 months old (most of them are from back in January 2018).  From now on, please rest assured the Admins are back on top of things!

Once again, apologies for this oversight, which is entirely mine, I'll make sure it doesn't happen again. If you had a query, and it's gone unanswered, but is still outstanding; please do send a message to us now, and it will be actioned.

Also - can I just mention at this point; when you get an e-mail notification of a private message, please do not reply to that e-mail! Any replies will not go back to the author of the message, they come to us instead! Normally, I just delete these unread - on the odd occasion when I've accidentally opened one, I've seen some fairly sensitive personal information which I'm sure the poster wouldn't want other people to know - so, please be careful! When you get a Private Message notification, your best course of action is to click the link in the e-mail, read the message on-site, then you're in the right place to reply to it. FWIW, of the 10,000+ emails, about 500 were replies to private messages.... I know it's easy to do by accident, especially as the PM is in the e-mail, but do bear it in mind.

However, that's deflecting from my personal shame at such a stuff up. So, I'm off to punish myself with a couple of hours cleaning the lathe  :thinking:, and please rest assured that future e-mails will be read.

I'm just a poor old man. I have no time for law-breakers. My legs are grey. My ears are gnarled. My eyes are old and bent.


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