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Crosby steam engine indicator


My friend found this and brought it to me.   Appears to be a Crosby steam engine indicator used to draw a graph of pressure vs piston position over an engine cycle.    It has a cord around a drum that looks like it was hooked to a connecting rod and then the pieces in the box mounted to some steam port.    One drum held the paper strip and then an arm with a piece of lead is connected to the part that measures pressure.   It is in really good shape and I had never seen one before.   It has several strips of graphs plotted that are dated to mid 1920's.   I thought it was pretty cool and wanted to share this bit of steam history.

steam guy willy:
Lovely item  Thanks for sharing... does it have the name of the engine on the cards  ??



--- Quote from: steam guy willy on December 08, 2020, 03:37:20 AM ---.. does it have the name of the engine on the cards  ??

--- End quote ---

I did not note any specific engine ID


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