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Art K:
I have to say I've been laying out enough teasers on this machine. So here it is.

I have to say this was more machine than I was expecting at 2580 lbs. It was more than I was expecting. I havent figured out a lot on it yet but it is a Mitsui 8 X18 surface grinder. Same deal as the mill I recently got (If I sold it for scrap I'd make a profit). Same price haul it myself unload it myself. There was a lot about it I didn't know when I picked it up. For example the two bolts straight up from the base, there's one on each corner. Knowing they even existed or how they loaded it onto the pallet would have been wonderful. That knowledge would have simplified my life considerably. In the end I rented an 8 foot gantry and 3000 lbs chain hoist. Had I rented that in the first place life would have been easier. My wife was an important part of picking it up and placing it where it is right now, I couldn't have done it without her. Thus the name. We were sitting back relaxing after having set it vertical in it's new home and she said it needs a name. She proceeded to throw out a few names like sparky etc. Apparently the only name I responded to was Binky, personally I think it was one of those WTF moments, what's that mean, oh. I realize it's no Mr. Silky but I think it's on par with the same idea. I have some cleaning and reassembling to do but it's a good machine. I don't know exactly how to use it, I have to figure out power, 220 volt 3 phase. I have 110 and 220 single phase. Need to fire off an email about that. I must say I think I have to much stuff going on all at the same time. The stuff you cant see in the photo is the magnetic chuck the surround and the coolant pump. As I said earlier some assembly required. It was to large to fit through the door of my shop so it is in the garage proper.

Dave Otto:
Congrats Art!
Iím sure that you will get it all figured out.


Oh my, Binky is a big un!  If its out in the garage, Binky will need a blanky!!

Nice grinder! wish I had the room for even a small one. Just something about acres of gleaming fresh ground tool steel flat and straight to less than a thou........miss my days in various toolrooms - can you tell?


It is known that women often name things as a sign of affection (and it also makes it easier to say naughty words about them  ::) ). I am pleased to see your wife already is showing affection towards it  :ThumbsUp: this may be a good sign for when you want to spread your own affection on it from your wallet  ;)

I am sure Binky will give you good service over the years. I would like a surface grinder but I don't have the space  :-\



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