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So the UK is heading for its second lockdown and with the winter approaching time in my unheated workshop will start reducing.
What to do?
I have always been fascinated by the members of this forum and their adventures with CNC. Like most I have a passing knowledge but no practical experience of CNC. Time to learn something new, even at my age and turn the lockdown negative into a positive.
So after being inspired by Myfordboy’s adventures with a fairly cheap CNC engraver I bit the bullet and ordered a kit, early xmas present.
The aim for me is to produce nameplates & labels for my models and car restorations.
This really is a learning exercise to get the grey matter moving.
So CAD design, post processing and CNC manufacture.
Lots to learn, seems I will be having plenty of spare time.
Will report as I go if there is any interest?
Keep safe and sane.
Been truly blown away with the flathead Model builds on this site. Just had first drive with my full size flathead as shown.

There are many cnc users here. Shouldn't be difficult to  find help if you get stuck.


--- Quote from: Daggers on November 02, 2020, 01:41:51 PM ---
Will report as I go if there is any interest?

--- End quote ---

Please do. I'm not planning to go CNC myself, but I find the process of setting up the tools, as well as the resulting machined geometries absolutely fascinating, so would love to follow along. Good luck!

I'd be interested too. Any thoughts on what CAD/CAM you will go for? F360 would still seem a good option.

Thanks for your interest.
The CNC process is new to me so I am going slowly.
For a number of years I have been producing working drawings on my ipad using BiiCADO. I tried a number of drawing programs on the ipad and this was the closest I could find to a proper engineering cad package, sample drawing below.
I also use, on the PC, “Front Panel Designer” a free program that is great for control panel legend design, sample attached.
Both of these programs will produce a DXF output file suitable for use in the greneration of a CNC control file.
My first goal is to engrave outlines to a dxf drawing, this will prove a work flow.
My second goal is to produce simple milling outlines to a depth.
There is a lot to learn and I will be looking at cad packages in parallel to the above.
Fusion 360 looks very interesting but the recent move to restrict the hobby user is worrying as history shows that further restrictions are more than likely. Freecad has been suggested and I have been watching Myfordboy who uses Viacad.
First thing is to assemble the engraver when it arrives, should be next week.
Will keep you posted.


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