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Cretors No.06 Castings
« on: January 05, 2014, 07:59:38 PM »
My intent is to cast this engine one day, and although I am still in the 3D modeling stage, I will post this under "castings", since that is where I am headed with this.
Material would be gray cast iron, with cast-in steam passages.

No timeframe in mind, but on my list of "engines to cast" some day.

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Re: Cretors No.06 Castings
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Pat, was the original frame integral to the base? looks like it would have been a lot easier for them to produce if the frame had fixings comming up from under the base. Also saves a nasty part line across the base.



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Re: Cretors No.06 Castings
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I have seen one of the original patterns for the No.6 base, and it looks identical to the 3D model I drew (all one piece) with the exception of the pattern having a core print on the bottom of the base, protruding down about 2.5", and the same diameter as the base.

It was a one-piece pattern as was the case with all the Cretors patterns I have seen.
I guess they used a follow board when ramming the flask halves.

Supposedly the initial Cretors patterns were made from wood, and then master patterns were made in bronze.
I have seen a number of the bronze patterns.  Works of art.
Since these engines were made by the thousands, anything less than a one-piece bronze pattern would not hold up very well.

And contrary to what I have heard on some forums, it is my understanding that all Cretors engines were made in the Cretors factory (Chicago?) by the Cretors Company only, other than the more recent replicas that Bob Pearson makes from the original Cretors patterns in Kansas City.  Bob Pearson makes an exact copy of the original Cretors engines, unlike any kit you can purchase.

The idea that Cretors farmed out the engine manufacture to other companies appears to be a myth (unless someone can document it otherwise), and I think someone made that statement to explain the subtle differences between Cretors castings.  Cretors had more than one set of master patterns, and often there were slight differences, and sometime noticeable differences between master patterns for the same engine, such as the No.2 flywheel, but the word is all Cretors engines were made and tested in the Cretors factory.

The steam fittings came in the side on the No.6.
I don't think much thought was given to this design by Cretors, since this was an inexpensive entry-level engine, generally used on top of the Earnmore.
The No.1 and 2 were much larger engines, and more thought was given to those designs.

All the original Cretors engines I have seen have poured babbitt main bearings.  Lots of attention to detail on a Cretors.
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Re: Cretors No.06 Castings
« Reply #3 on: February 20, 2018, 07:03:22 AM »
Did you ever do anything with these? About the myth that Cretors farmed out to others for some of their engines. I think it's because both Dunbar & Kingery (competitors of Cretors) made nearly identical engines. They had minor detail differences but were very close. Over the years the ID of engines gets lost & if someone found one of these others. They might wrongly think they were Cretors engines. Dunbar actually started out working for Cretors.
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