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Photos in your thread from PhotoBucket
« on: November 18, 2012, 10:37:54 AM »
For the Newbie to computers this can be Huge, So I have compiled a pictorial instruction that may help.

 I'll assume you don't have a Photo bucket account  already, so We'll Start by establishing a free Photo Bucket account at (if you already have an account move on to the inserting images in your post section)

Click on the blue link above and find the "Sign Up" link in top right hand corner, follow the instructions to establish an account. and remember your username and password.

Upload to your photobucket account all the images you want to use in your post. As described in photo bucket help section.

Inserting images

In the traditional view of photo bucket (banners at the top are blue not black, black is the new view)

Find the album that contains your photos. The page should look like this layout but with your photos (not mine).


Find the photo you want to use  (I'm going to select the worm drive image below)

Place your mouse cursor over the image. A menu will appear under the picture.

As below

slowly move the mouse pointer down to the box next to "IMG Code" click on the text inside that box and it should briefly be replaced by the word copied and then, after a few seconds, revert to the original text.

Now return to MEM and the reply section where you want the image posted.

left click the mouse pointer exactly where you want to insert the picture in among your text.  Then Right click you will get a menu displayed. Slowly move the pointer down to "Paste" and click again.

(If you are a keyboard person CTRL V does the same thing)


You can alternate between the text view as above and the picture view as below

To toggle between them use the code-image "toggle view" button see below

Hope this will be helpful to our  newbies.

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