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You have a 50% chance of getting it right. Best bet is remove sparkplug on number one cylinder and put your finger over the hole. Turn it over with the starter and when it tries to blow air past your finger it's coming up on compression. Stop the starter and use a wrench on the timing bolt to bring it up to timing mark.
Vehicles & Models / Re: Chris's Marion 91 Steam Shovel
« Last post by zeeprogrammer on Today at 01:36:51 AM »
Finally, last of the cuts down the sides of the track plates is done!

"done"  :lolb: :lolb: :lolb:
gasp, oh man..."done"  :lolb: :lolb: :lolb:
You're breaking my ribs.
That's kind of what I thought..had to ask...

 Thank you George, I really appreciate your answer.

 Thanks for helping me get this "inside my head". I spent quite a time recovering the ign. Wiring & making that work..coil w wire was hooked to headlight switch amongst other abornamies..

 Thank you very much george!

TDC comes up twice, once when the exhaust and intake are open (overlap) and once at the firing position.
My Workshop / Re: Bill's Shop Renovation
« Last post by toolznthings on Today at 01:15:43 AM »
Nice progress on the new shop !  :ThumbsUp:
Chatterbox / Re: Educating the "Youngin's"
« Last post by Tin Falcon on Today at 01:04:45 AM »
Sound like the supervisor needs some training !!!
Almost as bad as using a starrett  0.0001 mic for a c clamp.
worse momentarily of course.
Like i asked earlier do they have an appropriate backing surface.
A "remedial" question of basic engine operation I'm sure, but it's been a looong 
 I'm helping someone rebuild a 4cyl ihc (300 model) tractor. New cyl. Sleeves, pistons, brgs. Etc.
 Found TDC on pulley, lined rotor up to #1 cylinder, a little backfire..close enough i thought but no run. Looked at it again at TDC & it was off 180. Retimed it to TDC, & it fired right up.

 Because of the Timing mark & rotor position & gear ratio how can it be you can NOT be at TDC & rotor @ # 1 cyl & not fire?

 It would seem TDC is going to fire #1 cyl. No matter where rotor is, as long as it's on #1 cyl. (?)


My Workshop / Re: Bill's Shop Renovation
« Last post by b.lindsey on Today at 12:27:31 AM »
Kim, when I need a Z axis depth, I normally set the tool on the surface of the work, set a solid quill stop and zero the knee dial, and then raise the knee the required final depth. Just the way I have always done it. I could retrofit one of those caliper type thingys on the quill if I find the need down the road.

Tooling & Machines / Re: Mill Vise From Morrison & Marvin Castings
« Last post by Dave Otto on Today at 12:26:22 AM »
Thanks for all the nice comments guys, they are appreciated.

Thank you for the very nice comments John, they are much appreciated; I learned some new words too.

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