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Introduce Yourself / Re: New to the site.
« Last post by Meggymoo on Today at 10:25:42 AM »
Hi Thomas, used to do work at a steel mill in Beumont in the late 80s
Thanks for these kind words...
the point is that as soon as the tractor is running, it reaches lawn or flower pots before I have time to turn steering wheel, set the regulator, the butane valve, the gears, the brake, and the whistle too ! I have to move for a much larger plot !
Introduce Yourself / Re: New to the site.
« Last post by Ye-Ole Steam Dude on Today at 09:45:14 AM »
Hello Bill and welcome to the Forum

Have a great day,
Introduce Yourself / New to the site.
« Last post by Meggymoo on Today at 09:41:26 AM »
Hello from West Yorkshire,
I am completely new to this type of engineering, I recently retired after 44 years in machine tool engineering & now need to put my small home workshop to good use.
I have been searching the net for a project & keep coming back to the Stuart range of un-machined casting kits in particular the Victoria twin as it is a relatively large engine & it would seem there is quite a lot of information & back up on this manufacturers products.
I have a reasonable capacity in the workshop with a Bridgeport miller & a gap bed Harrison 140 lathe.
Bearing in mind I am not new to engineering but understand that this is a different facet I would be interested in your thoughts on whether I am being over ambitious with a first project.
I fear I would struggle to match some of the wonderful examples of skill & art there are on this site but everyone has to start somewhere.
Thank you for reading this & feel free to shoot me down in flames!
Regards Bill.
Your Own Design / Re: Sideshaft i.c. Horizontal engine
« Last post by Jasonb on Today at 07:17:23 AM »
Just make the web smaller, it only needs to stand 1/16" above the bearing diameter to give a face for the side of the bearing to contact. That would be easy to do with a boring head and suitable tool feeding upwards on one side and down on the other so all can be done at one setting.
Additive Machining / Re: Electroforming/electrotyping
« Last post by modeng2000 on Today at 06:41:39 AM »
Hand wash pump bottles have a small glass/plascic ball in the pump.
Your Own Design / Re: Sideshaft i.c. Horizontal engine
« Last post by crueby on Today at 03:11:33 AM »
Could the thin web on one or both sides be added as a longer plate recessed into the side?
From Plans / Re: Easton and Andersom beam engine at Bressingham.
« Last post by steam guy willy on Today at 02:22:54 AM »
Hi  MJM  et al ,  I think my  "natural talent" has more to do with being a bit lazy and procastination  .....A bit lazy as i don't want to make the parts several times  !! and procrastination ..i spend quite a lot of time just thinking about how to make the parts !! so, a bit more work on the beam ....some of the spacers are bolted in place and some are riveted   so ...more drilling etc...

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