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From Plans / Re: Bruce Macbeth Engine, European Version
« Last post by fumopuc on Today at 08:39:55 PM »
Hi Kirk, may be this could give you an Inspiration.
From Plans / Re: Bruce Macbeth Engine, European Version
« Last post by kvom on Today at 08:13:46 PM »
I actually did powder coat my previous engine (Muncaster grasshopper), but I've seen some videos that make me think I can do a lot better.  Picking a color for the Greene is one problem as I have no idea how they were painted originally.  The one in Rhode Island has several coats of paint, none of which are likely original.  The one in Detroit is unpainted.
Vehicles & Models / Re: Pennsylvania A3 Switcher (Kozo)
« Last post by crueby on Today at 08:01:30 PM »
Great progress Kim - hope you dont make the mistake I did on first pump, and you use stainless spring and ball bearings! Mine worked at first, then rusted.   :wallbang: Got right materials for reworking it. 
Your Own Design / Re: Stephenson's Rocket
« Last post by Brian Rupnow on Today at 07:47:45 PM »
Slowly I'm getting closer to the end of the end. The short stay rods are finished, fitted, and painted. The only outstanding things to build now are the two stay rods that stabilize the tall smoke-stack. Then I will reassemble everything and get started on the wheels. I tried to buy material for the outer rim of the drive-wheels on Friday afternoon, but the man at the metal suppliers was way behind schedule, having been shut down on Wednesday for Canada Day. He told me he would check it out Monday and let me know if they have any extremely heavy wall tube. This is kind of a sucky picture, but black doesn't photograph terribly well.
Chatterbox / Re: Gardening
« Last post by tghs on Today at 06:00:01 PM »
not a bad morning, the hive had 5 very full frames, have about a gallon for us, gave pints to the three connected neighbors,, they are all careful about the bees, enjoy watching them (plus I think they really like the fresh honey twice a year)
My Workshop / Re: Alterations to my workshop
« Last post by Art K on Today at 05:42:38 PM »
Looks like a good use of available space. I need to work on the whole stock rack idea as I have lots of stuff scattered in multiple places.
From Plans / Re: Rebuild time for my Upshur single
« Last post by Art K on Today at 05:39:56 PM »
Thanks, I know it's no fun. I've lost two elderly friends to this point. Don't want to see any more.
From Plans / Re: Bruce Macbeth Engine, European Version
« Last post by Admiral_dk on Today at 04:44:38 PM »
Nice progress Achim  :ThumbsUp:

Careful with those masking fixtures - I had the frame for my offroader back from powder coating and it has the oil tank integrated in the frame, so I used some purpose made 'stoppers' - and though they worked fine, the 'paint' had flowed nicely all over the frame and those stoppers -> the 'paint' broke a few places I really didn't want it to do while removing the stoppers. I did try to use a stanley knife around the stoppers to be the one that decides where the paint would break and it almost went to plan, but not quite.

If I should do that one again, I think I would use the same type of tape you use and wrap it around the stoppers  - though that still might give you a raised edge at those locations  :thinking:
Vehicles & Models / Re: Pennsylvania A3 Switcher (Kozo)
« Last post by matthew-s on Today at 04:30:07 PM »
Nice work. I was also working on the pump body this weekend. What a stressful part as there are some tricky (to me) steps and a lot of time and material $ goes  into the pump body. Unfortunately I could not hold the 0.375 cylinder bore on my sloppy 7 lathe. I ordered some 10mm 303 stainless stock that Ill need to turn down a hair to save this assembly.

You did a really nice job on this, and are flying compared to me!
From Plans / Re: Bruce Macbeth Engine, European Version
« Last post by fumopuc on Today at 04:28:36 PM »
cnr6400, Don and Kirk thanks for watching and the friendly comments.

Kirk, good luck for your first coating attempts.

Now we do have the point for no excuses anymore.
The crank case has to be done.
Due to the, in my understanding nice press fit of the 2 crank shaft halves in the middle bearing, I want to avoid any disassembly of this unit.
A fixture to keep all cylinder in situ has been made for the disassembly.
Some more parts for a proper masking had been necessary.
Last picture, the crank case shorty before the total disassembly and cleaning for the tape masking.
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